Atlas and Tail cod rings 250g

Atlas and Tail cod rings 250g

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Atlas & Tail Cod Skin Rings are a scrumptious dog chew that will benefit your dogs overall health. Atlas and Tail Logo


  • Dried, not cooked, making sure these Cod skins keep all of their nutritional benefits
  • A rich source of high quality protein
  • Great for coat and skin health, ideal for dogs with dry and itchy skin
  • Promotes oral health by helping to remove plaque and tartar from your dogs teeth and gums
  • Ideal for dogs with sensitivities or intolerances
  • Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids – reducing inflammation, boosting heart health and cognitive function
  • Suitable for dogs of all ages, from puppies to seniors
  • Single protein treat

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Composition of Atlas and Tail Cod Rings:

100% Cod Skin

Analytical Constituents:

Crude Protein: 79.5%
Crude Fat: 2.4%
Moisture: 7%
Ash: 8%
Omega 3: 0.8%